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Korene, We wanted to thank you again for helping us get our new home. We are still putting things away and landscaping the yard, but so nice to know that it belongs to us. We still rejoice about our good payments.

Sandy (and Al) Herter
New Homeowners

Looking for a lender who is honest and thorough and willing to put in the time to get your loan closed in this crazy market? Give Korene Clopine-Seaman a call. She makes your loan her #1 priority!  I love how she keeps in touch with her clients. You always get answers to your questions! 

Connie Vogt
Keller Williams Realty
El Cajon, CA


Terri Gazda 

Korene was the driving force behind me being able to buy my first home!! I called Korene one evening just to find out how much work I would need to do to be able to qualify for a mortgage "in the next year or so." Korene's words were "Why wait? I can get you into a home now." I was astonished because my bank had just turned me down the previous month. She educated me on everything that would be involved in the home buying process and the VA process. She was always available to answer any question that I had. She had the confidence that I didn't have in my loan approval and worked hard to make sure that everything went smoothly. I am so happy to have had Korene's assistance and even happier to have been able to add her as a valued person in my life. "

From: Bobby Lowell
Email: bobbylowell@comcast.net
Subject: pleasant experience dealing with Korene. (Sent via Activerain)

Hi Korene, I just wanted to let you know that I am thankful for your help you gave me recently. Thank You for being such a professional, and so pleasant to speak with. I recently had a mix up with Bank of America[ which they admitted fault in the matter] and it was just such a good feeling to work with someone who handles business. We were quite impressed with you. After I'm done with my current home loan through Excell Mortgage and Realty, my wife and I plan to make another purchase within the next two years, and we will definitely give you a call if your still in the business. Thank you again. Please foward this to your current supervisor because he/she should know that because of my brief experience with you, my wife and I could quite possibly use you in the future. We will definitely pass your info along to anyone we know who can use your services. It's like free advertising. Least we can do in return for having such a professional help us out recently. Thanks again Korene! Best wishes.  Bobby Lowell

Randall and Alana Peters, Phoenix, AZ and Bend, OR   Contractor and Realtor, engaged Korene as a Financial and Mortgage Advisor in 2005, 2006, and again in 2009  

Korene will listen and understand your needs and proceed accordingly to get you where you want and need to be.

  • She is an expert negotiator and highly proficient when it comes to purchase loans,  refinance loans, mortgage advising, loan modifications or debt reduction..
  • I highly recommend Korene for any Real Estate transaction now or in the future whether it be a 1st time homebuyer,FHA, VA, USDA, short sale, bank owned property (REO),  relocation, move-up or refinance.
  • She understands the lending needs, processes and guidelines in today's upside down real estate market with Foreclosures  and Short Sales.
  • Korene is the most knowledgeable, proficient, and truthful mortgage professionals that I have had the pleasure to work with.
  • She is terrific and she is my friend!
  • Korene's most outstanding qualities are she produces great results, she is an expert in the mortgage industry, and her high degree of integrity are rare in business today


Faye Hamilton 

Korene worked hard to help us obtain our home loan. When surprises showed up on our credit report, threatening to hinder our loan application, Korene quickly recommended us to a credit repair agency as well as personally helped us correct those errors found. The time she spent with us in this process was significantly more than I believe with be within the mortgage industry. It would have been easier to simply state our loan was declined and put the need for correction on our shoulders alone. But, her patience and direction through this process was greatly appreciated. While obtaining a mortgage can be more complicated than expected, it was nice to know that there was someone helping us through the process.

Gladys Gordon, retired nurse, engaged Korene as a mortgage consultant, a debt reduction, and a financial consultant.  Phoenix,

  • Korene is one of those individuals who are rare in today's financial and business world.  She operates in integrity with professionalism and a high level of training and experience. 
  • My husband and I have owned many homes both for our own use, as investments, and as contractors.  Korene listened to our needs, our goals, plans, and purpose.  
  • She laid out the loan program requirements, the documentation, the rates, and the terms, told us the good points and pointed out the draw backs to each loan scenario, made her recommendations to us and then let us make our choices. 
  • We have used Korene 3 times and have been more pleased and impressed with her each time. 
  • We have recommended Korene many times and have aways been thrilled with how she received our recommendations and how she helped our friends and family.  We have 7 children, multiple grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends, neighbors, and church family .    We count it a privilege to recommend her to you one and all. 

Scott and Stacey Jessup, Carpenter and Nurse Phoenix, Engaged Korene as a mortgage consultant, a debt reduction, and a financial consultant

  • “Even though we both work and make good money, we never saw anything left at the end of the month.
  • Korene showed us how we could paid off all of our debts, restructure our finances, and referred us to a tax specialist, just like she said.
  • Our total monthly payments were reduced by more than $718, we saved $17,621 in tax payments.
  • Thanks to Korene, we’re in a sound financial position.”

Jeff and Keisha Williams, retired, Phoenix West,   Engaged Korene as a mortgage consultant, a debt reduction, and a financial consultant

  •  “We owed over $39,457 in credit card debt plus our home and we had no way to pay it. We even considered bankruptcy. It got to the point we couldn’t sleep at night.
  • Korene not only understood our situation she showed us how we could lower our overall monthly payments. We are now saving over $1,967 per month. 
  • Korene gave us something we didn’t have before, peace of mind.

Luis and Janet Dawson, Businessman and Teacher, engaged Korene as a Mortgage and financial consultant Mesa,  

  • “Korene, we can’t believe you really help us wiped out all our credit card debt and car loans and still have our home.
  • We’re saving over $1,077 per month. And to think we almost cancelled our appointment with you!”

Marie O’Hare, Administratvie Assistant, Phoenix,   Engaged Korene as a mortgage consultant, a debt reduction, and a financial consultant.

  • “I was not going to call you because I have had so many other companies tell me…‘NO, there is nothing we can do for you.’
  • I was overjoyed to find out that with your help I was able to save over $453 per month and pay off every penny of debt I have within 9 years and still be a responsible consumer!”

Thomas and Roxanne Crawford, Business owner and Secretary, Goodyear,   Engaged Korene as a mortgage consultant, a debt reduction, and a financial consultant

  • “Within 11 days Korene turned our financial lives around.
  • She showed us how we could paid off all our credit cards, save $1,164 a month and helped us obtain $45,027 in tax savings as we restructured our mortgage and our debts.
  • We recommend you to our kids, our friends, our neighbors, and our church.
  • Korene You gave us back our lives and our dignity!  Thank You so very much, Korene!

Tim Schmalbeck, Account Manager, Riverbend Communications, Engaged Korene as a mortgage consultant, a debt reduction, and a financial consultant,  Idaho 

  • Korene was and is a tremendous help to me. With the combination of her expertise, tenacity and seemingly limitless network, there isn’t a lot Korene cannot find a program that will make it happen.
  • Her absolute mastery of the complexities of the Mortgage sphere enables her to direct and assist me like no one I have previously dealt with.
  • Korene is extremely generous with her time and knowledge and I recommend Korene to ANYONE. I have and will always refer friends, family, business associates and clients to Korene.  She is amazing and I respect and admire her.

Bill Taylor, IT Manager, Premier Garage Engaged Korene as a mortgage consultant, a debt reduction, and a financial consultant, Phoenix,  


  • Korene managed a complicated and very difficult mortgage process involving a  lease-option purchase from a reluctant seller during a the peak of the real estate market in late 2005 and early 2006.
  • Most other Mortgage Advisors and Planners would have given up or would not have been able to get this reluctant company to perform on our purchase contract without it effecting our loan rate or terms or closing.
  • I know Korene to be hard working, caring, honest, diligent, ethical, and experienced. 
  • I have recommended her and will continue to do so.

Kurt Gronlund,  Owner, Western Air Conditioning & Piping Inc. dba Comfort MechanicalEngaged Korene as a mortgage consultant, a debt reduction, and a financial consultant has been mortgage client several times.

  • Korene is one of the most dedicated, knowledgeable, and professional individuals in the mortgage industry.
  • Korene is willing to sacrifice the additional time required to help me eradicate errors on my credit report that affected so many areas of my business and personal  financial life.
  • I have been able to obtain a very favorable rates when I refinanced both my investment properties.
  • Korene is experienced and knowledgeable in many types of loans, loan programs, and loan needs.  She has very skillfully and expertly advised me on my personal residence, commercial,  investment property mortgages.
  • Korene's solid knowledge of the mortgage industry and loan programs along with her persistent attitude will always be appreciated.
  • When I purchased my new home in the Fall of 2007, Korene was the only one I  wanted to help me with my mortgage needs even though the builder offered my some good incentives.  Korene always has my best interests in mind and got me the loan and the interest rate that was best for me and my circumstances. 
  • I recommend Korene to my customers, neighbors, friends, and people who are looking for a loan.  Korene is the BEST.” 

Royce Pritchard, Parent Aide/Family Consultant, Jewish Family and Children Services Engaged Korene as a mortgage consultant, Phoenix,


Korene is a hard worker and one very a great person.  She cares about people.Finding a mortgage that worked for me that I qualified for and had the terms I was comfortable with was not an easy task. Korene put in a lot of hours finding me the right lender to give me what I was looking for.

  • Korene kept in touch with me every step of the way and alerted me immediately if there was a problem.
  • I would and often do highly recommend Korene to anyone and everyone needing a mortgage or real estate financing advice.  She is GREAT!”

Anthony Frederick Financial Executive, Phoenix, Engaged Korene as a mortgage consultant, a debt reduction, and a financial consultant

  • I recommend Korene to you as an mortgage expert, who completes the process on time with the highest degree of  integrity 
  •  My experiences with Korene have been some of the best I have ever experienced in the Mortgage Industry.
  • She is very detail-oriented, knowledgeable and very professional.
  • I must say that if we had more like Korene in the mortgage industry, the mortgage business would be a better place.
  • I recommend Korene to be a part of any organization.  Your business will flourish and grow with Korene as a vital part of your team.
  • I highly recommend her to family, friends, clients, and colleagues.”

Joshua Miles, International Trucking Contractor.  Engage Korene as a Business Consultant and a Mortgage Banker, New York  

  • I would say that Korene's most outstanding qualities are that she is an expert in the mortgage business.
  • She is on time,  Being in the military and in Iraq and Kuwait, I needed to know she was available when and where she said she would be at the times she said she would be available for me.
  • Korene's is one of those rare people that operates on the level of the Highest Integrity all the time
  • “Korene has impressed me with her knowledge of not only the mortgage business, but other businesses as well.
  • Her knowledge of insurance procedures, zoning laws, and even horse boarding procedures has helped me out a great deal.
  • Korene went above and beyond what most would have or have done in the past. 
  • As a soldier in Iraq, Korene made accommodations for my time, unique situation, and stress.She is always willing to spend ample time with me on the phone to answer my questions and make sure I understood and was comfortable with every part of the mortgage process and loan.
  • Korene found me professionals to handle areas that I needed but I could not because of my location and time restrictions.   Then above and beyond, made sure I received the information with time to make decisions without undue stress or strain.
  • I would recommend her to anybody. 
  • After three transactions, I can say that Korene is a professional, MY FRIEND, and the best mortgage professional in the business.  I have written her name, phone number, email, and website on the wall for all my company and the GIs that follow to be able to call her for mortgage and professional advice.  SHE IS THE BEST!
  • Korene is always professional and thorough and helpful

Liz Dobbins RN BSN 

  • “I have called upon Korene's services both personally & professionally a number of times in the past and will continue to do so in the future.
  • She is very thorough, knowledgeable and  her customer service is exceptional.
  • She is an invaluable resource to me in my business career.
  • Feel free to contact me if I may answer any questions you may have regarding her hard work, devotion and integrity to the banking industry.”